Monday, August 4, 2008

Book I - My Reaction

I'm on my second read through at the moment and needed to get some thoughts down before I go crazy. I went through so many emotions the first time I read it that by the time I was finished I was just shell shocked by everything I read - it was impossible to process everything. I knew I needed to read it again to catch all that happened. I definitely had some "Huh?" moments along the way because some situations seemed so impossible to me.

Book I:

Preface - I loved how the whole time I'm reading this I'm thinking it has to do with Bella's change into a vampire. As I read the rest of the book, it became very obvious the preface had nothing to do with Bella's change. Genius!

Chapter 1: Not too much to say here. LOVED Charlie and Renee's reactions to the engagement - completely unexpected for Bella.

Chapter 2: Um. Okay. Totally hot....make out some more, why don't ya?! The whole pregnancy talk was definitely foreshadowing. The story about Tanya's mother was interesting...good to know more of Tanya's back story. After reading the book, I still have questions about the dreams Bella was having.

Chapter 3: The wedding was everything I hoped for and more. The hair combs from Charlie and Renee were so special. Bella and Edward's reactions to each other were perfect - Edward's smile and Bella wanting to sprint down the aisle. I was choked up myself as they said "I do" and kissed.

Chapter 4: Seth and Edward's friendship is just so cool to me...again I think Stephenie used more foreshadowing connected the pack and Cullen coven would become. And Tanya, I have to say that I expected a little more action or jealousy on her part. But maybe I shouldn't be so surprised after the way Bella was wrong with Charlie and Renee's reactions to the engagement. Ha - Kate! "Keep the dream alive." Loved that line! I gasped when Jacob made an appearance at the was just soooo perfect to me! He sucked up his pain to give Bella one last gift. I was incredibly nervous when Jacob tried to confront Edward about the "honeymoon." Bella's goodbyes to her parents broke my heart, but I LOVED the image of Charlie, Renee and Phil on the porch. For Bella, it left a sense of resolution that everything was going to be okay when she couldn't see her parents anymore.

Chapter 5:

Friday, August 1, 2008

Breaking Dawn Day!

Check back later for my gut reaction about Breaking Dawn!